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Mazel & Company
4300 West Ferdinand Street
Chicago, Illinois 60624

Phone:     (773) 533-1600
Fax:           (773) 533-9490
Toll Free: (800) 525-4023
  • We offer a broad selection of bulk and packaged nails to cover all needs.
  • We have only the highest quality nails from the top manufacturers in North America and oversees.
  • Our strong supplier relationships and financial stability allow us to maintain a huge on-hand inventory throughout the year.
  • Our full line of nails includes: 50 and 25 pound bulk boxes and five and one pound packages that come in easy-to-handle, self-displaying master cartons.
  • Nails are packaged in sturdy, brightly colored boxes and have easy-to-read, high-gloss UPC coded labels.
  • Our extensive line of nails includes: bright, ring shank & galvanized common, vinyl coated sinkers, galvanized box & siding, bright & galvanized finish, galvanized casing, various galvanized decking, hardwood trim, fluted & cut mansonry, ring shank & phosphate drywall, ring shank underlayment, flooring, pole barn, various galvanized roofing, various spikes, pallet, plastic & steel cap, bright, coated and galvanized fence staples and other specialty nails.

Mazel & Co. offers a wide selection of construction fasteners that feature the highest standards in manufacturing and packaging to insure that our customers will have a high quality, comprehensive and competitively priced fastener line that is profitable for their stores and satisfies all their customers' needs.