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Mazel & Company
4300 West Ferdinand Street
Chicago, Illinois 60624

Phone:     (773) 533-1600
Fax:           (773) 533-9490
Toll Free: (800) 525-4023
Mazel & Company is a distributor of fasteners, wire products, and building materials. Since 1919 we have been serving the wholesale and retail markets from our headquarters located in Chicago, Illinois. Our broad product selection and vast inventory along with established supplier relationships and an A+ credit rating insures stability in a competitive marketplace. read more
Common, Sinkers, Finish, Casing, Decking, Trim, Masonry, Drywall, Roofing, Spikes, Capped, Staples, Specialty, more...
Drywall, Yellow Zinc, Galvanized, Stainless, Dec-King by Buildex, Decking, Framing, Self-Drilling, Specialty, more...
Color Guard, Tot and Lot, Econo Fence, Garden Fence, Light Duty U Posts, Heavy Duty U Posts, more...
Barbed Wire, High Tensile Barbed Wire, 2 Ply Twisted Cable, Electric Fence Wire, Studded T Posts, U Post Braces, Fence Stays, Post Drivers, more...
Hardware Cloth, Poultry Netting, Welded Wire Fabric, more...
Smooth Wire, Re-bar Tie Wire, Single Loop Bale Ties, Automatic Baling Wire, more...